What happened in the ‘body shaming’ controversy of Aanchal Sharma?

What happened in the 'body shaming' controversy of Aanchal Sharma?

Actress Aanchal Sharma has suddenly been dragged into controversy. He is being heavily criticized on social media. Netizens have attacked her for doing ‘body shaming’ in a fashion show. The video of his controversial statement has also gone viral on social media.

Four days ago, the ICC Designer Runway 12 audition program was organized in Kathmandu. Anchal was present there as a judge. The organizers were also live-streaming the auditions on Instagram. The process of giving auditions was also going on.

At the same time, Aanchal’s statement aimed at an auditioned model has been made public. In the said public video, Aanchal replied that a man who is close to him might have been ‘maintained’. Aanchal replied that it is not said that it is maintained but that it is said to be malnourished.

This video is currently being widely shared on social media including Tik Tok. Aanchal’s expression has been vehemently opposed to body shaming. According to them, it can cause serious mental problems in a person. Most of them replied to Aanchal and said that she has no right to judge someone’s body. The user has also asked other celebrities to speak against this expression of Anchal.

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