Mia Khalifa goes br*less posting a series of sizzling pictures

Mia Khalifa goes braless posting a series of sizzling pictures

Mia Khalifa can be considered one of the hottest social media influencers currently on the platform. The model was earlier known for her being a member of the adult entertainment industry, but after leaving the industry, Mia has kept her fans hooked on her social media sharing various moments of her life.

Recently the model/influencer shook the social media platform with her post. Check out how the fans reacted.

It so happens that the former adult entertainment industry member Mia Khalifa had shared a series of images on her Instagram account which left every one of her followers gasping for air. Mia, who has a whooping 27.7 million followers on Instagram, recently posted a set of bold images with the caption that read, “Oh, hi.” What was so eye-catching about the post was that the model had gone br*less revealing her cl*avage.

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