Why is Rajesh Hamal criticized for his latest Facebook post?

Why is Rajesh Hamal criticized for his latest Facebook post?

Actor Rajesh Hamal has been an active user of social media for the last few years. He is sharing the posts of his travels and family activities among his fans. Hamal, an active user of social media, remains silent on social and political events. But Hamal’s latest social media post has become very controversial. Hamal’s fans are also digging him.

What happened, more than 150 people lost their lives in the devastating earthquake that hit Jajarkot and Rukum West on Saturday. Thousands of houses were destroyed and hundreds of citizens were injured. The country is in mourning now. Some artists are involved in relief collection. Celebrities are posting statuses on social media and asking the government to help with relief and rescue. But Rajesh Hamal posted a picture of a couple with his wife saying ‘Madhu Masti’ on Saturday itself.

On one hand, the shock and grief of the earthquake, on the other, Hamal’s ‘fun’ inspired Facebook status. In terms of time and context, Hamal’s post was also seen as irrelevant. The fan made a critical comment on the post.

Hamal has not said anything about this reaction of fans.

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