Why is Leonardo DiCaprio opposing the dam that is going to be built in Nepal?

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio opposing the dam that is going to be built in Nepal?

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is also an activist in the field of environment and wildlife protection. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation of the ‘Titanic’ star has been working in the field of tiger conservation in various countries including Nepal.

From time to time, he is also interested in Nepal’s environmental issues. This time, DiCaprio has expressed concern that the dam that is going to be built in Nepal will pose a risk to an ancient place on earth.

He has requested to stop the construction of the said dam. He has also drawn attention on social media to the fact that the local community is asking the Supreme Court to stop the construction of a dam project on the river in the Lungwa Samba Biological Cultural Heritage Special Conservation Area, which is also home to snow leopards and endangered red pandas.

Noting that the majestic Chujung, Chunjam and Bakhang rivers are deeply sacred to the Lhomi Singsa and Bhote tribes, among Nepal’s most marginalized tribal tribes, DiCaprio said these groups respect the land and earn their living by collecting agricultural and medicinal herbs and other non-timber forest products.

If built, these dams will be a clear violation of the Lungba Samba Biological and Cultural Heritage Special Protection Area Act and the process implemented by the first elected local government in 2020, he said. According to him, this will stop destructive hydropower, road construction and mining practices. He urged the people of Lhomi, Singsa and Bhote communities to help them become the custodians of this important landscape for generations.

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