Top BBC star is taken off air after ‘paying teenager £35,000 for sexual pictures

Top BBC star is taken off air after 'paying teenager £35,000 for sexual pictures

An investigation is underway following allegations that a prominent BBC personality has been temporarily removed from their on-air duties. The claims suggest that the individual paid a vulnerable teenager over £35,000 in exchange for explicit images.

According to reports, the well-known presenter allegedly initiated payments to the teenager when they were 17 years old, which the teenager used to support a destructive crack cocaine addiction. The child’s mother, who has come forward with these disturbing allegations, expressed feelings of disgust whenever she sees the accused individual on television.

It is alleged that the star requested ‘performances’ from the teenager, who informed their mother about being asked to engage in explicit acts. In May, the family lodged a formal complaint with the BBC, pleading with the organization to cease this harmful behavior towards their now 20-year-old child.

The accusations further claim that the star sent significant amounts of money to the teenager, including one instance where £5,000 was deposited into their bank account. The anguished mother lamented the devastating impact on her child’s life, blaming the BBC personality for robbing them of their innocence and enabling their dangerous drug addiction.

The explicit messages are said to have started in 2020, with the star allegedly not concealing their identity and even sending photos to the teenager while they were at work. The mother informed the Sun that her child underwent a distressing transformation from a happy-go-lucky youngster to a ghost-like figure consumed by crack addiction over the span of just three years.

Despite the family’s complaint, it is claimed that the star continued to send money and remained on the air. The BBC responded to the allegations by stating its commitment to treating any such claims seriously, explaining its established processes for addressing such matters. They emphasized the proactive approach of investigating and seeking additional information, including engaging with individuals who have come forward.

The BBC spokesperson affirmed that if new information arises, whether internally or through external sources like newspapers, it will be appropriately acted upon in accordance with their internal procedures.

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