Hindu Group in Agra Offers 2 Million Rupees for Slapping Akshay Kumar, Protests Actor’s Portrayal as Messenger of God

Hindu Group in Agra Offers 2 Million Rupees for Slapping Akshay Kumar, Protests Actor's Portrayal as Messenger of God

The backlash against Akshay Kumar for his portrayal as Lord Shiva’s messenger in OMG 2 is not surprising. Netizens are unhappy with the character, viewing it as an insult to Hindu deities. The discontent is so strong that a Hindu group in Agra has reportedly offered a reward of Rs 10 lakh for anyone who slaps the actor, revealing a concerning lack of tolerance.

This Hindu outfit in Agra has announced the monetary incentive for actions like slapping or spitting on the Bollywood superstar, citing his role as a messenger of Lord Shiva as offensive to people’s sentiments. Additionally, the Rashtriya Hindu Parishad Bharat has expressed their opposition by burning Akshay Kumar’s effigies and film posters, vowing to protest even outside theaters.

The controversy around OMG 2 has led to unnecessary attention and drama for Akshay Kumar, potentially impacting the film’s box office numbers. The movie earned a mere Rs 10 crore on its first day of release, and given the ongoing controversy, it remains uncertain how long it will stay in theaters.

Akshay Kumar’s portrayal of Lord Shiva’s messenger has drawn significant criticism from organization president Govind Parashar, who believes the actor has disrespected Lord Shiva by sporting dreadlocks, consuming kachodis, and appearing in a saree while bathing in a dirty pond in the film. These actions, according to Parashar, tarnish the god’s image, leading many to label the film as a sin for playing with religious sentiments.

While some Akshay Kumar fans admire him for daring to tackle relevant subjects, seeing him as Lord Shiva on the big screen, others are deeply critical of the portrayal, viewing it as offensive and disrespectful.

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