Farhan Akhtar Announces New Actor In Don-3, Internet Reacts

Farhan Akhtar Announces New Actor In Don-3, Internet Reacts

This is not a drill – Don 3 is in the works, but this time around, Shah Rukh Khan won’t be reprising the iconic role. In a recent post, director Farhan Akhtar revealed that another actor is set to take on the titular character in the film. Beginning his note, Farhan Akhtar stated, “In 1978, a character brought to life by Salim-Javed and portrayed with effortless grace by Amitabh Bachchan captured the imagination of cinema-goers nationwide. That enigmatic character was Don. In 2006, Shah Rukh Khan reimagined and infused life into Don in his own irresistibly charming manner.”

While Farhan Akhtar didn’t disclose the identity of the new lead, reports suggest that Ranveer Singh has been chosen to play the role of Don.

Reflecting on Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Don in the film series, Farhan Akhtar remarked, “From Don’s wry humor to his cool yet menacing intensity, Shah Rukh Khan truly embodied his persona. As both writer and director, creating not one but two ‘Don’ films with Shah Rukh Khan was an immensely gratifying experience for me, and both journeys hold a special place in my heart.”

However, Farhan Akhtar emphasized the need for a new actor to carry the legacy forward, saying, “The time has now come to usher in a new phase of Don, and joining us in this fresh interpretation is an actor whose versatility and talent I’ve long admired. We hope that you will extend the same love to him that you’ve generously showered on Mr. Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. A new chapter of Don will commence in 2025. Stay tuned.” Farhan Akhtar urged his followers to embrace the new Don star with the same warmth as they did for SRK and Big B.

Nonetheless, the online community seemed preoccupied with expressing their discontent about Shah Rukh Khan’s absence from the project. A fan voiced, “Shah Rukh is the definitive Don we can accept.” Another comment read, “I suggest selecting a lesser-known actor with great potential.” Many echoed similar sentiments, stating, “Don without Shahrukh is inconceivable.” Suggestions arose to reintroduce Amitabh Bachchan as Don, potentially concluding the saga with his character’s demise, paralleling the pattern of “GF-3.” Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan’s rendition of Don, released in 2006, served as the official remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 blockbuster of the same title. The sequel, Don 2, arrived years later and enjoyed considerable success.

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