Death threats from the American Idol team: Arthur Gunn

Death threats from the American Idol team: Arthur Gunn

Divesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, a competitor of American Idol, of Nepali origin, has accused American Idol of racist behavior against him. He also alleged that they threatened to kill him. In his Facebook story on Monday, he insulted American Idol and warned them to stay in their place. Calling American Idol an animal, Divesh has commented that it is not suitable to even stand on his bare feet.

Divesh, who was the runner-up of the 18th edition of American Idol, participated in the 19th edition but his name was eliminated before the final seven. He has been expressing dissatisfaction with this. After a dispute over this matter, he left the venue saying that the atmosphere had become bad.

After this incident, Divesh’s fans expressed their anger saying that American Idol is biased against him. He mentioned that they had threatened to kill him through his Facebook story, but he did not reveal the name of the person who threatened him.

Divesh, who came to Nepal in the middle of this year, gave concerts in big cities in all seven provinces. Before going to America, he released two albums named Grahan and Khoj. After leaving American Idol, he released the song “Save Me Now”.

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