Venice red carpet protest against director Woody Allen accused of sexual misconduct

Venice red carpet protest against director Woody Allen accused of sexual misconduct

Protests took place outside the Venice Film Festival during the world premiere of Hollywood director Woody Allen’s film ‘Coup de Chance’. The protestors staged a half-naked demonstration saying that the festival supported ‘rape culture’ by hosting director Allen on the red carpet.

The film, directed by Allen, received a three-minute standing ovation in Venice on Monday night. A group of protestors raised slogans like ‘No Rape Culture’. “We are speaking the voice of those who have suffered from the director and the voiceless, the rapist is not a patient, he is a healthy son of the patriarchy, there is no need for a spotlight for a rapist director, supernatural people do not exist,” and other slogans were raised.

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The performance began before Ellen walked out on the red carpet. The protestors took off their clothes before shouting slogans. After the demonstration continued for a few minutes, the police came and removed it. Melania, a protester, told The Hollywood Reporter that they were protesting what they call ‘rape culture’.

Another protester, Martha, was protesting Venice’s invitation to not just one but three directors accused of sexual harassment. She said that there are 17 allegations of sexual abuse against them. They commented that Venice honoring a director and filmmaker who was involved in sexual abuse is an insult to all women and the festival.

This year’s Venice gave Allen, along with such accused directors Luc Besson and Roman Polonsky, a chance to premiere their films. Venice, which is facing the Hollywood strike on the one hand, is also facing this kind of criticism on the other hand. Director Allen has already hinted that the film “Coup de Chance” may be the last of his career.

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