Urfi Javed uses Model’s legs to cover her modesty, Watch Viral Clip

Urfi Javed uses Model's legs to cover her modesty, Watch Viral Clip

Urfi Javed continues to captivate the online audience with her unconventional fashion choices, consistently surprising and shocking her fans. Despite facing criticism and trolling for her unique sense of style, Urfi remains undeterred, maintaining her distinct identity. In another bold move, she recently made waves on the internet by participating in a photoshoot where she posed topless, cleverly using a woman’s leg to maintain modesty.

In a video shared on Thursday, Urfi Javed confidently sits on a stool without a top, employing a woman’s leg as a creative cover while showcasing a range of expressions. Accompanying the post is her caption, “If the shoe fits Cinderella,” adding a touch of whimsy to her bold choice. Urfi’s fashion statements frequently make headlines, and earlier this month, there were circulating videos suggesting her arrest by paparazzi. However, Mumbai Police clarified that she was not taken into custody, and Urfi later explained that the arrest scenario was a promotional stunt for a brand shoot.

Despite her unapologetic approach to fashion, the Mumbai Police issued a statement expressing disapproval of the stunt, emphasizing that one should not violate the law for the sake of cheap publicity. The statement, posted on their X (formerly Twitter) handle, highlighted the misuse of insignia and uniform in the alleged arrest video, asserting that such actions go against the legal norms.

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