Urfi Javed turns heads again with plastic spoon dress

Urfi Javed turns heads again with plastic spoon dress

Urfi Javed continues to defy conventional fashion norms and ignite discussions with her audacious and unconventional style preferences. Once again, she has captured the attention of the internet, this time donning a dress crafted entirely from plastic spoons.The actress shared a video on her social media platform, revealing the intricate process behind the creation of this avant-garde ensemble. Paired with black lingerie and a thigh-covering skirt, Urfi sported the outfit with a high ponytail and impeccable makeup. The caption accompanying the post simply read, “Spoonful.” The video offers a glimpse behind the scenes as Urfi collaborates with her team to cut, flatten, and color the plastic spoons, leading to the final, sensual look.

The public’s reactions to Urfi’s latest fashion venture were diverse. While some praised her creativity, others playfully labeled it as “ChamMuch” and amusingly referred to her as a “Plastic Ocean Mermaid.”One comment read, “People: This Is Too Much. Urfi: No, this is ChamMuch.” Another complimented, “Very nice sexy look.” A third user expressed, “Urfi, we never know what you’ll do next, brother.”In the midst of the buzz, Urfi Javed took a playful dig at Shibani Dandekar, who clarified that her dress was from the luxury brand Loewe and not influenced by Urfi.In response, Urfi called out Shibani for showcasing her affluence in a sponsored post, stating, “It’s your own insecurity when you had to resort to a paid post to clarify that you wore a super expensive brand by a very famous designer, inspired by an American superstar and not by me. We get it! You’re wealthy, you wear luxury brands! Calm down now! Geesh.”

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