Urfi Javed stuns in Hot Dress made from shoes, Watch

Urfi Javed stuns in Hot Dress made from shoes, Watch

Urfi Javed always impresses her fans with her stylish choices. The actress is known for her bold fashion sense and she always tries out new and exciting outfits. Unfortunately, Urfi has faced criticism from some people who don’t like her fashion style, and she has even been bullied online with sexist comments. However, she doesn’t let the negativity affect her and she takes pride in her decisions. In the past, she has had disagreements with Farah Khan Ali, Chahatt Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey, who were critical of her fashion choices.

Urfi recently shared a fun video where she showcases her unique and attractive outfit. The video starts with her sitting on the couch wearing a long t-shirt and shorts. Then, she takes out a pair of sports shoes from a box and shows them to the camera. The scene cuts to Urfi wearing a sexy dress made from those shoes, showing off her attractive figure. In the video, she brings a sense of allure and glamour, making it truly captivating. This viral video is causing a sensation on the internet, leaving social media users amazed and breathless.

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