Urfi Javed sizzles in bralette made of screw and thigh-high-slit skirt, Watch viral video!

Urfi Javed sizzles in bralette made of screw and thigh-high-slit skirt, Watch viral video!

Urfi Javed fearlessly delves into the world of style experimentation, consistently pushing boundaries with her fashion choices. Recognized for her audacious and distinctive sense of style, she holds a special place in the spotlight of paparazzi and entertainment columns, often being the focus of Page 3 headlines due to her unconventional wardrobe choices. Embracing a life lived on her own terms, Urfi has unapologetically stood by her decisions, unfazed by the criticism she has faced from online trolls and self-proclaimed moral enforcers who have accused her of impropriety. In the face of such opposition, this former contestant of Bigg Boss OTT continues to enthral her fan base by sharing stunningly glamorous reels and photographs that leave a lasting impression.

Recently gracing the sets of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Urfi left onlookers amazed with her latest transformation. Donning an enticing black bralette blouse adorned with intricate nail embellishments, she paired it flawlessly with a daring black thigh-high-slit skirt. Exuding an irresistible charm, Urfi showcased her well-toned legs and emanated confidence in her striking nail-themed bralette and alluring skirt ensemble. Her presence injected a much-needed dose of allure and sensuality, elevating the atmosphere with her scintillating attire. A viral clip capturing her sensuous appearance sent the internet into a frenzy, prompting netizens to shower her with heart, heart-shaped-eye, and fire emojis. However, regrettably, a portion of social media users resorted to derogatory and sexist comments, reflecting the darker side of online discourse.

Urfi’s recent entry into the Bigg Boss house for its second season aligned perfectly with her aesthetic sensibilities, as the set’s theme revolved around recycling and repurposing. Playfully attributing inspiration to herself, she humorously suggested that the recycling theme was a tribute to her own approach of creating stunning outfits.

In terms of her professional journey, Urfi has graced Indian television screens through roles in series like “Meri Durga” and “Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya.” She also made her mark as a contestant in the inaugural season of the reality show Bigg Boss OTT.

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