Urfi Javed posted the video in a state of undress, Video goes viral

Urfi Javed posted the video in a state of undress, Video goes viral

Fashion sensation Urfi Javed has posted her nu*de video on social media early in the morning. As soon as the day broke, Urfi Javed has made such a day for her fans that now everyone will play this video of her many times till evening and night.

Talking about this latest video of Urfi Javed, she does not have any clothes on her body and is completely nu*de and by hiding her private parts, she has tried to seduce her fans. In the video that has surfaced, you can see that Ok Tested is stamped on the entire body of Urfi Javed.

The video starts with Urfi’s hand. First Urfi puts the stamp of Ok Tested on her hand and then suddenly due to this fascination, her nak*ed body becomes visible with a pink background. Within a few minutes, this video of Urfi has received thousands of likes. Along with this, people are seen completely surprised and shocked in the comment section.

See Urfi Javed Viral video!

Along with this, let us tell you that Urfi had recently revealed that she not only wears clothes at home but also roams around nak*ed. During this time she was talking to India Today. Urfi herself told during this time that, ‘Off camera nak*ed, I remain nak*ed. I am not wearing anything at home. That’s why I bought a 3 room house, it’s so expensive. I don’t even wear clothes at home. Urfi Javed did not stop here but she further said, ‘Earlier it was a rented house and there were many roommates.

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