Urfi Javed goes super BOLD in Bizarre Red Net Dress, Watch Video!

Urfi Javed goes super BOLD in Bizarre Red Net Dress, Watch Video!

In the realm of show business, Urfi Javed stands as a well-recognized personality, admired not just for her acting skills but also for her unconventional and fearless fashion choices. On a significant date, September 15th, Urfi Javed created quite a buzz with her attire selection – a bold red mesh ensemble paired with a captivating studded mask. Interestingly, her choice of facial accessory sparked immediate comparisons to Raj Kundra, a name synonymous with stylish face masks.

As expected, the ever-active world of social media erupted with amusing reactions to Urfi’s audacious ensemble. Internet users swiftly shared their opinions on this unconventional fashion statement. To share this daring fashion moment with her online followers, Urfi Javed turned to Instagram, where she shared a series of images and a video. In these visuals, she exuded confidence while showcasing her alluring figure in the transparent red outfit. Notably, the video demonstrated her creative use of stickers to maintain her modesty. Furthermore, she adorned her face with a striking, vibrant red studded mask, which harmonized perfectly with her night dress shrug.

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