The Kapil Sharma Show to go off air temporarily once again

The Kapil Sharma Show to go off air temporarily once again

The Kapil Sharma Show has been entertaining us for many years now. However, for the last couple of years, the TV comedy show has been taking breaks because host Kapil Sharma wanted to spend time with his family or he was busy with other projects. Over the years, the makers also introduced several changes to the show. It has now come to light that TKSS will be going off-air temporarily once again. Its last episode will air in June until it comes back on TV again.

According to a source per Indian Express, “Seasonal breaks have actually worked for the show giving us a chance to stir up things in terms of content and cast. Also, comedy is a tough genre and actors need a break so that monotony doesn’t set in. Everyone can return refreshed and we can experiment with a different format and some new characters.”

The source also shared that the last date of TKSS is yet to be finalized. The team is likely to wrap the shoot in May, and the last episode of the season will air in June.

The source further added, “Kapil Sharma also has an international tour lined up and thus the decision to take a break at this time came in. The team, as of now, plans to shoot a bank of episodes so that their fans do not miss them for long. However, the duration of the break hasn’t been decided as of now.”

In 2021 and 2022 as well, Kapil Sharma had taken a break. After being temporarily off air, the show returned in six months.

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