Strike in Hollywood: TV shows halted, Netflix thinking of moving production outside the US

Strike in Hollywood: TV shows halted, Netflix thinking of moving production outside the US

The production of films and TV shows has come to a standstill as the film writers went on strike. CBS News reports that the nightly TV programs have been stopped and the filming of the film has also been affected. The movement of more than 11,000 writers that started on Tuesday is not likely to stop immediately.

According to CNN, the production of new series on television has been stopped due to the protest. The strike started in Los Angeles and New York at the call of the Writers Guild of America, demanding guaranteed wages and employment. This movement is targeted against big studios including Disney, and Netflix.

According to the American media, this strike is the biggest since 2007 and there is no possibility of it stopping immediately. The strike started after the talks between the Writers Guild of America and Hollywood studios did not reach a conclusion regarding wage rates and some employment demands.

The previous strike lasted for 100 days. Some television and cable broadcasters have already aired the final episode of the last season. Especially the night shows have been stopped. The programs of NBC, ABC, CBS TV have been stopped. As the strike lengthens, from comedy to daytime shows, even daytime shows will come to a standstill. The new season of television, which has been on strike throughout the summer, will be ‘postponed’ indefinitely.

According to the Los Angeles Times, even though the strike is going on, some studios are asking for permission to make films. But it is strongly opposed. BBC reports that streaming giant Netflix is ​​preparing to move production services out of the US as the strike continues. It is mentioned that HBO Max is thinking of making a film based on an already-written script rather than a new one.

The impact of the strike will not immediately affect the production of feature films. Because it takes two to three years to make a feature film. At this time, work is being done on the already-written films. However, if the strike prolongs, the work of the feature film may also be stopped. The James Bond film Quantum of Solace also suffered. When the movement started, only the script of the film was written. In 2007-2008, when the writers’ strike lasted for 100 days, the state of California lost two billion dollars to the economy.

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