Madonna rushed to the hospital and intubated in ICU after being found unresponsive

Madonna rushed to the hospital, and intubated in ICU after being found unresponsive

Madonna’s family feared she would die after she was rushed to the ICU with a bacterial infection

Madonna’s family was “preparing for the worst” after the 64-year-old singer was found unconscious in New York on Saturday and rushed to the ICU.

A family member told that Madonna’s condition was so serious that they feared she might not make it.

“We all believed we may lose her,” the relative said. “She was in a bad way.”

Madonna was reportedly intubated overnight and remained in the ICU on Sunday.

Her family said that her sudden hospitalization had served as a wake-up call for the singer, who they believe has been neglecting her health in recent months.

“She has not been living as healthy a life as she should be for her age,” the family member said. “She has been wearing herself thin over the past couple of months.”

The family also said that Madonna believes she is “invincible” and that she “thinks that she is still young when, in fact, she is not.”

They are hoping that this experience will make her realize that she needs to take better care of herself.

“This really woke her the f*** up,” the family member said. “She knows that she needs to make some changes.”

Madonna’s representatives have not yet commented on the report.

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