In India, the earnings of ‘Adipurush’ dropped by 75 percent on the fourth day

In India, the earnings of 'Adipurush' dropped by 75 percent on the fourth day

Indian film Adipurush has become the latest example of how much negative ‘word of mouth’ affects the business of a film. On Monday, the film’s earnings dropped by nearly 75 percent on its fourth day at the Indian box office. On Monday alone, it is said to have earned 9 to 10 crores in India.

This decline is 73 percent compared to Friday’s earnings. It is said that the film’s earnings have declined due to protests and criticism in the neighboring country Nepal along with India regarding the plot of the film. It earned well on the first weekend due to high bookings from universities, schools, and other institutions in India. But after the negative word of mouth, there has been a steep drop in earnings.

Compared to the Rs 15.45 crore earned by ‘Adipurush’ on Friday at PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis, it is predicted that the earnings will drop to Rs 4.50 crore on Monday. This decline is also seen in mass-belt regions. According to Bollywood portal Pinkvilla, the decline may continue in the coming days, because the data on Monday was obtained from the viewers who were curious about the film. But now this anger has spread nationwide.

Organizations especially those related to Hinduism are also opposing the film. There is a protest in India saying that the dialogues and characters are wrongly portrayed. As of Monday, the film has earned 113 crores in India, according to Pinkvilla. The film is projected to earn 130 to 140 crore rupees by the end of the first week.

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