Hollywood actors are protesting, warning to strike if no agreement is reached by Friday

Hollywood actors are protesting, warning to strike if no agreement is reached by Friday

As the writers’ strike continues in Hollywood, more than 300 A-lister actors, including Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence, have also warned of a strike against the studio. Screen Actors Guild, an artist organization they belong to, has given this warning.

The artists are warning the studio for a new contract by June 30, demanding a higher minimum wage, streaming benefits, pensions, and the use of personal tapes in the casting process.

We hope you have heard our message. This is an unprecedented turning point in our industry. “It’s not enough to compromise on what can be done better in the coming year,” said a note released by Saag’s leadership and a representative of the studio involved in the deal process. We are Now it is necessary to reverse that projection.

Other A-listers who signed the letter and agreed to strike include Rami Malek, Quinta Brunson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ben Stiller, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Shamur, and Amy Poehler.

In that letter, the artist is also interested in the use of artificial intelligence in the film industry. It is written, “We do not believe that our members will enter into a contract with the hope of getting more facilities in three years.” We believe that this dialogue not only preserves our equality, but it is also very important. We need to ensure that we are compensated for our work while training AI.

The conclusion of the letter states, “We want it known that instead of compromising on these basic points, we want to go on strike.” If we compromise on our issues, it will weaken the future of our union and our craft.

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