Film association’s decision to screen ‘Adipurush’ by adopting security measures

After removing the controversial dialogue, 'Adipurush' got permission to perform in Nepal

Along with confusion and controversy, Nepali theaters have started showing the South Indian film ‘Adi Purush’ from midday. Halls that stopped the demonstration on Friday morning due to security concerns started the demonstration in the afternoon

The meeting of the film association held on Friday morning to take a decision on the screening of the film has come to the conclusion that the film will be screened in moderation. Speaking to Online News after the meeting, a member of the association said that the decision was made to screen the film by adopting safety restraints even though the Censor Board had already given permission for the screening.

The Nepali Censor Board allowed the film to be screened after removing the controversial dialogue ‘Janki is a Indian daughter’. However, Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, had given a three-day time limit and said that if the dialogue is not held in India, he will not allow the demonstration in the Kathmandu metropolitan area.

Balen’s expression caused waves in the social network. The member said that the union decided to show the film because the metropolis did not even send an official letter and the mayor wrote on Facebook that it would not be official. “If the official letter arrives, we can proceed accordingly,” said the member, “now there is talk of releasing a national film.”

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