Even after becoming a mother of 4 children, Raveena has such hobbies, a big secret exposed after years

Even after becoming a mother of 4 children, Raveena has such hobbies, a big secret exposed after years

Well-known actress Raveena Tandon of Bollywood industry is very popular. Sometimes she remains in the news because of her films and sometimes because of her pictures. Despite being the mother of 4 children, Raveena is very active in her career. It is noteworthy that Raveena’s fans know her professional life very well. But most people will not know many things about his personal life. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about his personal life in this article. You may be surprised to hear this.

Let us tell you that Raveena was once in a relationship with Bollywood industry’s best actor Ajay Devgan. The news of their relationship was in full swing. Raveena loved actor Ajay Devgan very much. But Ajay left Raveena and held Karisma Kapoor’s hand. After which Raveena had decided to leave this world forever. This matter was much discussed.

The name of actress Raveena Tandon is formed by combining the names of her father Ravi and her mother Veena. The surname of the actress is Munmun. This surname was given to him by Bollywood veteran Villain McMahon. Let us tell you that McMahon is the maternal uncle of the actress.

Raveena studied from Jamuna Bai Public School, Juhu, Mumbai. Along with this, he has graduated from Mithi Bhai College. The actress also worked during this time. But due to difficulties in work, he left his studies within 2 years. Actress Raveena Tandon started her film career in the year 1991. However, his film flopped. After which he did many films one after the other. She had a huge crush on Rishi Kapoor in the industry.

Raveena fell in love with Akshay Kumar during her career. Their relationship even reached the point of marriage. But their relationship broke down. The reason for which was that Akshay was dating three girls simultaneously.

Actress Raveena Tandon married Anil Dhadani. This was Anil’s second marriage, whereas it was Raveena’s first. With whom he had two children. Before marriage, Raveena had adopted her sister’s two children. Whom Raveena has now married and now both of them also have children.

Raveena had shown amazing style in the famous song ‘Tip-Tip Barsa Paani’. You will be surprised to know that during the shooting of that song, she had very high fever. But despite the director’s refusal, Raveene completed the song drenched in water due to fever. After the song was completed, she fainted on the set itself.

Once a video of hers went viral, in which she asks the camera man whether the camera is off or not. After which the camera man tells them yes. When the camera man said yes, Raveena was seen abusing fiercely. The actress had used obscene abuses during that time. This video of his had surprised people.

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