‘Batla House’ actress Chrisann Pereira arrested on drug charges in Sharjah

'Batla House' actress Chrisann Pereira arrested on drug charges in Sharjah

Chrisann Pereira was arrested on drug charges almost two weeks ago and has been locked yo in Sharjah Central Jail, United Arab Emirates. Sharing details about the case, Chrisann’s family said that she was a victim as she was tricked by a guy named Ravi, who first contacted her mother Premile Pereira under the pretext of hiring fresh talent for an upcoming international web series. After a few meetings, the audition was confirmed in Dubai and Ravi took care of all the arrangements.

On April 1st, before taking her flight, Ravi handed Chrisann a trophy to carry, stating that it was part of the script and on April 10, the actress was charged by the cops after drugs were found in the same. Amid all these, Chrisann was unable to trace Ravi. Now, her family has already hired a lawyer in Dubai for Rs 13 lakhs and they are planning to mortgage their house as the fines could be anywhere from Rs 20-40 lakhs. For more news and updates, stay tuned to Celebmezzo.

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