Ameesha Patel says content on OTT is full of homosexuality and gay-lesbian scenes: You have to cover your kids’ eyes “

Ameesha Patel soars mercury levels in a sizzling hot black Bikini from Dubai

Ameesha Patel, currently preparing for the release of her upcoming film, expresses that there is a strong demand among the audience for wholesome entertainment. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, she highlights the absence of an era where grandchildren could comfortably watch movies with their grandparents. According to her, people eagerly await good, family-friendly cinema, which she believes is lacking on OTT platforms. She further mentions that these platforms often contain explicit homosexual content, necessitating precautions like shielding children’s eyes or activating parental controls to restrict their access.

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Discussing the elements that the audience yearns for in contemporary cinema, Ameesha remarks on the limited travel and fashion exposure that earlier generations had. Movies served as their window to experience various aspects of life. Despite the less structured music industry of the past, it managed to strike a chord with viewers. She emphasizes that the present-day audience is missing the essence of film music, costumes, fashion, and other elements. Ameesha believes that her film, Gadar 2, will provide the answers to these desires. She asserts that Gadar 2 encompasses family values, heart-wrenching moments, thrilling action, impactful dialogues, mesmerizing music, and everything that audiences expect from a high-quality cinematic experience.

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