Actress Adelaide Kane poses Nude for Women’s Health magazine

Actress Adelaide Kane poses Nude for Women’s Health magazine

Grey’s Anatomy actress Adelaide Kane bared it all for the May/June issue of Women’s Health magazine’s “Our Bodies Are Awesome” issue, which features Adelaide and seven other inspiring women posing naked to celebrate body confidence. In the snapshots, one of which can be seen below, Adelaide posed on a tree trunk as her brunette hair flowed gracefully behind her. She also showed off her tattoos, both of which are positioned on either side of her rib cage, under her armpits.

While speaking to the magazine, the Australian actress said she takes care of herself and her body by appreciating the small things. “To feel connected to my body doesn’t require over-exhaustion. I’m grateful for what my body can do when I put my mind to it, even down to little things like going on a hike or taking a leisurely walk to a coffee shop instead of driving,” she explained. “It takes real strength to prioritize being kind to yourself.”

The Australian actress admitted she didn’t always appreciate her body, though. “I started to recognize the work I needed to do to take care of myself after my first season of Reign when I was 24. It was the most intense work schedule I’d ever been on. I learned quickly that I couldn’t cheat myself of sleep or skip meals because I wanted to work on my lines,” she recalled. “Ultimately, I had to be more considerate of my body and its needs. And over the last few years, my mindset has changed from ‘I need to take care of myself for work’ to ‘I need to take care of myself for me.’”

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