6-minute long ‘standing ovation’ for ‘Ferrari’ in Venice

6-minute long 'standing ovation' for 'Ferrari' in Venice

Hollywood star Adam Driver’s film ‘Ferrari’ has received a 6-minute long standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Adam and Michael Mann’s film kicked off awards season with its world premiere in Venice. A packed audience was present at the Sala Grande theater to watch this racing drama. After the film ended, the audience stood for 6 minutes and expressed their respect. Actor Adam, who attended the premiere, was teary-eyed after receiving this high honor.

Actor Adam Driver was seen shedding tears as the film received a 6-minute long standing ovation. When he took his seat, Maan helped him up and took the applause. This is probably the first film that managed to bring some star power to Venice. Because of the impact of the double strike of writers and actors going on in Hollywood, the schedule of the festival had to be changed.

‘Ferrari’ was the film that everyone expected to change the mood at the Venice Film Festival and it did not disappoint. In the film, Driver portrays the role of racer driver Enzo Ferrari. People queued for hours outside the Venice venue to catch a glimpse of him.

They were informed that Actor Driver was one of the few stars to attend Venice. Amidst the strike, Ferrari is allowed to meet with the media and promote the film, as it is not backed by the studio.

Penelope Cruz is also the actress of ‘Ferrari’ but she did not attend the festival. Actors including Zendaya, Bradley Cooper, Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender canceled their visit to Venice due to the strike.

The film ‘Ferrari’ is based on Brock Yates’ biography ‘Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine’. Set in the story of the summer of 1957, the film presents a competition between famous racers and drivers. In order to save his business, he has to overcome challenges such as debt, divorce and the death of his son. This film is all set to release on December 25. Variety magazine has reviewed this film as a masterful drama.

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